Blockchain crowdfunding: Sponsorship and patronage online


I love to dig in to discover by myself the many many subjects in which blockchain technology and crypto projects can help and transform the perspectives, turning them into something new and enlightening.

Sponsorship through the web

Have you heard about sponsorship through the web? The world now spins around the internet but, even before the internet era there were many ways in which you could get to sponsor someone in a situation of need through non-profit organizations, you could even get in touch with them, like a child or family you helped with some monetary aid or sending goods and common use stuff, really child sponsorship programs have been around since the 1930s.

I remember when I was a teenager I participated as a volunteer of an organization called Samaritan’s Purse. The organization gathered from all over the world gifs to be sent to kids in situations of extreme poverty. Thanks to an intense work of logistics and organizing all of the gifs were extremely well prepared and put together for kids of different ages and they all had letters to invite the receivers to feedback with the senders. It was a lovely experience! But then, times have changed and now it seems that the world has gotten smaller every time.

Now, thanks to the globalization people can reach each other more effectively, new systems to allow people to sponsor people in need have been created, sponsorship through the web has become very popular and people from all ages love participating in it, the satisfying awareness of helping out another child from a different country. And many have shared their gratifying experience of getting to know those who they have sponsored. It sounds amazing, don’t you think? But as always, as human beings, we always find new ways to make things better, and with the enhancement of the sponsorship made through the web, here it came the blockchain crowdfunding initiatives.

Blockchain and patronage

Blockchain has changed the game for many subjects already, but one of those subjects that I find the most gratifying is crowdfunding. The fact that anyone with an internet connection can create a campaign based on their own personal needs and freely ask for help to others is a marvelous door that has been opened and no, its isn’t the same without the blockchain, other platforms despite offering you the possibilities they don’t offer you equality. Many people with different common needs can’t find a place in those crowdfunding platforms with intense reviews and cheek ups or high amounts of wages for withdrawals and super-high fees.

For example, at any person, despite their genre, social situation, looks, or economic status can create a token and start a campaign to actively receive sponsorship from people who wholeheartedly are willing to support them. Through their profiles and personal information, they can also get to know the person more directly and keep track of their advances in life. And in contrast with other sponsorship organizations, through mintMe you choose the person and you can make sure that your support is going to that person without doubts.

Crowdfunding is a bast world, the possibilities of it are huge and the best of all is that everyone can participate in it. Then, the view of it is full of hope, considering that blockchain can significantly change for good the perspective we currently have about sponsorship or patronage through the web.

Mary Schwartz