Catex News


Daily Dividends The locking system was created to reward the Catex investors with daily dividends from the platform and to create a stable price in the market. The dividends is up to 90% according to the locking period.

30% OFF trading fee Locked Catex tokens are now eligible to pay for transactions fees. If you have locked CATT tokens, and you execute a trade, then you will get 30% reduced fee.

Zero withdrawal fee Depending on the amount of Catt you hold hold, you can receive up to 100% fee reduction when you withdrawal your assets. This is very important for investors who like to cash out their dividends each day, you can save money!

Referral System In all non-mining markets, users will get 50% commission if they refer someone to trade. You can find your referral link in your profile setting after you login.

Airdrop rewards As part of our listing campaign, we ask all newly listed projects for a quantity of their supply to airdrop to our investors. The airdrop is normally distributed proportional, therefore the more CATT you hold, the more airdrop you will receive.

Buyback & Burn The Catex team manages a buyback account. The revenue from this account comes; dice game catt profits; some transaction fees; 60% of IEO listing fees; and the CATT tokens used in the coin voting competition. ABOUT CAT.EX Cat.Ex, established in August 2018, is one of the largest Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Our headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China. We have global communities setup in South Korea, China, Bangladesh, Russia, Turkey, Middle East, India, Indonesia and United States. We use a process called transaction mining to allow for users to collect dividends from our profit-sharing platform.

High availability, High performance SNA and micro service based distributed architecture support horizontal scaling without single point of failure. Asynchronous, Cache, reversed index, NOSQL technologies ensure the high performance.

Security and Stable Security control from a number of dimensions, such as cold wallet, firewalls, operating systems, application servers, database servers, etc., and professional penetration tests to ensure the security of whole system.

High quality and efficient service The professional service team ensures the high quality and efficiency of the service which include telegram service in real time and ticket service within 24 hours.