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Simpler • Faster • Safer Instant cross-chain swaps & payments for
200+ cryptocurrencies SEND




  • Direct Swaps with 200+ Tokens
  • Best Rates
  • 0.1% Super Low Fees
  • Transactions in < 1 min
  • P2P and QR-code Payments
  • Cold Wallet Security

24-Hour Stats

10009 Swaps made

EOS-ETH Most traded pair

7.3 BTC Equivalent sent on SWFT
Pay & Red Packets

7.8 seconds Average transaction time

96 BTC Trading volume equivalent

3050 Payments made Join Our Referral Program

Invite your friends to SWFT Blockchain and gain SWFTC rewards each time they complete a transaction. Learn More Share and Claim Red Packets

Introduce over 100 crypto currencies to your audience with Red Packets. Share one to anyone, anywhere on your social media. Claim Now Borrow up to 1 million USDT or 100BTC

SWFT Lending is a pledged collateral lending service. Users can now borrow up to 1 million USD Tether (USDt) or 100 Bitcoin (BTC) in just a few seconds. It takes 2 steps to borrow on the SWFT app: 1) Select the amount of BTC or USDT, and 2) Choose the time period for the loan. The interest is charged in advance at a daily rate of 0.03% Soon, users will be able to issue their own loans to other SWFT Lending users. Check SWFT Lending Receive daily Staking rewards

Staking lets you earn passive income on funds held in your SWFT Blockchain wallet. Users earn rewards for simply depositing and holding tokens on SWFT Blockchain.
Make transactions and use your cryptocurrencies on SWFT Blockchain as you normally would – while earning rewards based on daily balances for each staking-supported coin.
Get Staking Rewards Speed and best rates with OTC transactions

Make peer to peer trades including fiat currencies. Currently available only for users in China. Make P2P Swaps Exclusive token sales with Group Coin

Sell your currency at a discount to increase its distribution and spread awareness. Group Coin can help you make exclusive token sales! Apply for Discounts Testimonials – App Reviews “This app is incomparable – it has a good interface and is user-friendly. The developers deserve an accolade for its functionalities. This app makes it possible for me to swap 200+ currencies in seconds without leaving my own wallet. Wow! ” Beno Baba October 11, 2019“I did not want to rush into rating this app. So I waited to check all its functions. Now I can say the app is very nice and user-friendly. It does the required tasks without any issues and has a good security architecture. I recommend it!” Kelvin Aligwo September 6, 2019“SWFT is neat and clean, simple to use and cheap tool for managing and transfer cryptos. I can swap cryptos in less than 20 sec with the most competitive rate on the market; I can limit my order to execute at the rate I choose; I can even do arbitration with this cute little app. Oh, and by the way, the customer service staff is sweet and patient enough to walk me through how to use this app. One extra star added for their customer service.” Anonymous September 30, 2019“My first impression: UI is great and clean. It’s very easy to use. With this app, I can easily swap countless tokens in the market with just one click. It saves me the work of checking multiple exchanges. Security-wise, I was able to use fingerprint and GA for an extra layer of security. Great app!” Christopher Cagadas June 8, 2019 IN THE PRESS


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