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NewsTokens Creating True Value With No ICO

  • Tokenomics

    • Token Supply  100,000
    • Circulating Supply  61,441.42
    • Token name  NewsTokens
    • Ticker Symbol  News

Allocation of Remaining funds

  • 20% Founders and Team
  • 30% Reserved Funding
  • 10% Advisors
  • 10% Bounty campaign
  • 30% Converted to different chains

Listed Exchanges

Price Tracking

Our Services

Cryptocurrency News

Our cryptocurrency news site offers many unique features including the following:

  1. Easily submit your story if you hold 50 newstokens.
  2. Gain access to exclusive stories when you hold 10 newstokens.

Screenshot_2021-04-11 CryptoNewsNet(1)

Latest Videos

Our video streaming service offers many unique features including the following:

  1. Host your own channel and share your videos with your followers.
  2. Gain access to monetization of your channel once you have 1000 followers.
  3. Gain access to cryptonewsnet channel were we will have exclusive interviews with projects. You need to hold 20 NewsTokens in order to gain access to the channel.

Screenshot_2021-04-11 Videos

NewsTokens Exchange

NewsTokens Exchange has many great features including the following:

  1. 50% off all trading fees if you hold newstokens
  2. List your project on our exchange simply by holding 200 newstokens.
  3. Gain access to airdrops after projects get listed when you hold 10 newstokens.

Confirmed projects listing on the exchange

  1. Streamix- 200 tokens
  2. AquariusCoin $ARCO- 200 tokens
  3. TajCoin $TAJ- 200 tokens
  4. Cream Press- 200 tokens
  5. Slicecoin- 200 tokens
  6. Arti chain- 200 tokens
  7. lanacoin- 200 tokens
  8. Value Liquidity- 200 tokens
  9. Vusd- 200 tokens
  10. Dappcents- 200 tokens
  11. Goldenratio token- 200 tokens
  12. Motacoin- 200 tokens
  13. Beam- 200 tokens

Online Store

Our online store will feature many unique deals and things that other stores do not including the following:

  • Hold 100 NewsTokens and get access to memberships that offers the following:
    • Free shipping on all items
    • Discounts on products that others do not get.

Streamix Partnership

We have partnered with streamix to bring you the best social media experience and top quality news.

NFT Market Place

Custom newstokens nft market place coming soon.


You can pay for advertisement in any currency you like.

  • Homepage advertisement $100 a week
  • News homepage advertisement- $100 a week
  • News Site Sidebar- $200 a week
  • Video channel advertisement- $300 a week


I have worked with many cryptocurrency projects and want to bring you the best experience possible.  Here is some of the following projects I have worked with:

  1. Motacoin
  2. CoinMarketCap Listing Agent Volunteer
  3. Beam
  4. GoldenRatio Token
  5. WebDollar
Joe Zurawski
Chief Of Marketing
Muhammad Waqas
Exchange Developer


YouTuber Partners

  • Crypto Ellis
  • DappCentre


Exchange Partners

  • Media Partner/Token Listed
  • Media Partner/Token Not Listed Yet
  • Media Partner/Token Not Listed Yet
  • Media Partner/Token Listed
  • Media Partner/Token Listed

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