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  1. news site
  2. Staking
    • Currently in works to have staking features with bololex and hydro wallet.
  1. Store
    • Develop Interface
    • Develop membership
    • Get more active partners
  1. App- partnered with streamix and hydro to make an app
    • Price tracking
    • Social media
    • News
    • Wallet
    • Lending
    • Defi
    • staking
  1. NFT development
  2. Game development
  3. Casino development
    • Currently getting dice game ready for launch.
  4. Crypto Convention
    • Get Companies
    • Get followers for project
    • Get funding
    • Project DevelopmentĀ 

All projects are in the development stage and have no set release date.

  1. We just had a great AMA with CryptoRevolution- Grand AMA

Grand AMA 2.0- lots of grand prizes including news token, 10 uniswap tokens, dogecoin and more.

Projects confirmed

  1. Beam
  2. Webdollar
  3. 1Million Token
  4. Bololex
  5. GoldenRatio Token
  6. Ternio

More information coming soon

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News token is here to create rewards for writers and also has many unique features to see.


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Social Media

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