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Why pay with crypto? Here are five handy reasons


The times when the concept of crypto inspired tech enthusiasts alone are long over. Cryptocurrencies are entering the mainstream due to their enormous practicality on many levels. They are global by design and enable fast, direct transactions. More and more physical and online stores accept them, so let us have a look at a few advantages for you when you decide on this payment option.

1. Choose the wallet that suits you

Whether you value the privacy of non-custodial wallets or feel more secure when using a custodial one, there is plenty of choice out there today. The GoCrypto system, which enables merchants to accept payments with crypto wallets, is available at nearly 1000 (mostly physical) stores and services in different countries. You can use it with the non-custodial Wallet and custodial Elly; many more wallets will be added though, so stay tuned!

2. Use various cryptocurrencies

Do you pay in a single currency or do you own many? It really doesn’t matter because a crypto wallet can support quite a few. For example, the Elly wallet supports four (bitcoin cash, GoC, bitcoin and ether). This is quite handy and you can choose between using any of those currencies at each transaction. At the checkout, you simply select the one to use.

3. Save time

Payments through the GoCrypto system only takes a few seconds, thus seriously rivalling a credit card checkout (while the “speed” of cash transactions pales in comparison). Time is the most precious commodity we have these days, and standing in lines when you’re ready to pay could be one of the most annoying ways of wasting it.

4. Travel light

Paying with one’s phone is the way to go. Actually, doing any errands with one’s phone is the way to go. This enables you to considerably reduce the number of items you carry on your person, so going around, browsing at stores and shopping becomes a lot more convenient. Why should the ability to pay entail loads of luggage?

5. Enjoy the smooth process

Transactions through the GoCrypto payment gateway are very simple both for you as a customer and the merchant where it is available. At the cashier’s, you simply scan the payment code with your crypto wallet and confirm the transaction.

Interested in going crypto as a shopper? Check out Elly and the Wallet!

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