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About Bololex exchange


Launched in May 2020, Bololex exchange is based in Russia and targets crypto enthusiasts around the world, yet currently, a higher proportion of users are from Brazil and the USA.

Bololex exchange is a digital currency exchange platform with low fees, versatile funding options, and rigorous security standards. Bololex exchange works constantly to provide its users with the best crypto trading experience and shift their payments into more convenient forms.

Trading experience

Bololex is a centralized exchange with an accessible and easy-navigating interface. The simplicity of the platform enables beginners and newcomers to get engaged fast and easy. Wide functionalities on the other side, provide specialized traders to gain a high experience too. Various airdrops and giveaways are organized at Bololex every month, which are also accessible to users, as they can claim them with just one click.

Undoubtedly, you will find your desired trading pair at Bololex exchange as the list of trading currencies is expanding every week. Non-mandatory KYC submission eases the deposit and withdrawal process allowing users to trade swiftly.

Bololex has also launched a special voting program early in July, which enables coins and tokens to get listed at the exchange once they receive 10 badges via users’ votes. Traders can vote for their favorite project and receive a bigger share of the airdrop by voting more for the specific coin/token.

Customer support is at the core of the processes, as the support portal is available 24/7. Last but not the least, Bololex exchange ensures safe trading experience with two-factor authentication (2-FA) and reduced attack risks.

Technical advantages

The range of cryptocurrencies at Bololex is extensive, as the exchange supports various currencies starting from major currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, etc to ERC, TRC and Stellar tokens. The list is expanding every week, as we work constantly on adding new currencies and pairs to the exchange.

Bololex utilizes all industry-standard security measures like two-factor verification and SSL encryption. On top of that Bololex’s architecture is created with security of assets as a key idea so that all user accounts and assets are kept safe.

Bololex is created with a scalable architecture, simply said it is not one application but consists of multiple components that work simultaneously. There are no performance limits, which enables the platform to scale as the load grows. Which in turn, will manage the stability and high-speed performance independent of the number of users or load on the platform.

Bololex exchange also differentiates itself with a unique gamified voting program, launched earlier in July of 2020. Game-design elements help increase users’ engagement and keep them interested in the way. Our voting program is specially designed to also be a foundation for small communities, which have the risk of getting off track when listed on already-established large exchange platforms. We give a possibility for all projects, despite their size, to become a part of Bololex exchange, as the voting rounds result in multiple winners.

Future projects

Bololex exchange has planned on expanding the opportunities for its users to trade and win more. The concept of gamification will be integrated into the exchange and enable traders to gain airdrops, energy points, and coins through gaming elements and features. Furthermore, the exchange has planned to launch its token, which will enlarge the chances of higher trading among the users as well.

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