Alien Worlds: when space DeFI meets NFTs



Virtual worlds to rule

To create a metaverse worthy of the name requires having quite a few elements available. The first is to have several virtual worlds in order to be able to evolve the population that lives there.

Alien Worlds has created six planets each will have their own governance system, based on the distribution of Trilium within the population.  Each planet is its own DAO with its own fungible token, utilizing mature DAO software that has been used by the eosDAC community token holders for a couple of years.

Will Trillium be distributed among the miners? Stakers? Someone else? All this remains to be determined by the players through a voting system and using the economic policy they decide to implement in their territory!

The first opportunity to acquire Lands is through the presale that is taking place on December 4th. Also, due to the Lands Non-Fungible Token nature, it will be possible to trade these on a secondary market in the future.

The advantage of creating several planets with different functions will be the ability to offer players a diversification in the governance that will take place there. Enough to attract several profiles and therefore multiply the possibilities of strategy to establish yourself!

What to do on the Lands?

A total of 3,343 Lands will be created in Alien Worlds, of which 3,000 will be sold during the presale scheduled for December 4th, 2020.

For Land Owners

Cornerstones of the game, the Landowners will determine several key factors in the game’s economy:

  • The time between mining calls
  • Amount of Trilium that the Land generates per mine
  • The probability that users receive an NFT per mining call

In addition to being able to configure these aspects in the mining, each owner of Lands will also be able to receive a commission on rewards from having his territory mined by others.

To think strategically, one of the elements to take into account is the location of the Land. Although each pack in the presale of December 4th contains a Land, two things must be taken into account: the type of Land, as well as the planet on which it is located.

There are 20 types of Lands, each with its own unique set of properties. For the moment no technical information has been released regarding the difference in bonuses but we encourage you to read the Technical Blueprint which is regularly updated.

As an owner, you will learn that mining management is set to be one of the main activities on the Lands. However, the users of these lands have not been forgotten!

For Users

Although being a Landowner gives owners a number of advantages, it will also be possible for users to find their own personal niche.

Unsurprisingly, the activity we find first concerns.. mining! Because even if a small commission is taken by the landowners, the rest of the reward will be attributed to whoever does the work.

When you send your units out in search of riches across the various terrains, they will of course be able to find Trilium but there are also NFTs. The success rate of this business is determined by several factors:

  • The rarity of your units
  • Configuration of the Land

Each unit has a certain level of mining speed and efficiency. The rarer your unit, the more likely to get a bonus for finding NFTs and also requiring less rest time before returning back to work.

Depending on the configuration of the terrain, offering more or less important bonuses for rest and rewards in Trilium, the choice of the terrain where you send your units will also impact your progress for sure!

If the mining activities are not enough to meet your objectives, it will also be possible to stack your Trilium. As mentioned above, it’s important to remember that the distribution of Trilium stacked on a territory depends on the policies that have been implemented there and you determine these policies by voting!

A little bit of technique..

Now that we know a bit more about how territories will be administered, the second essential thing to understand is how tokens work in the game itself.

First, each NFT will be created on the Wax blockchain. This choice was made to facilitate the transfer of the tokens, but the Alien Worlds team does not wish to cut ties with the Ethereum community.

To do this, each Trilium will be available on Wax and Ethereum. Additionally, all presale NFTs can be obtained using $ETH or $WAX. It is important to note that the presale takes place in a ‘Dutch Auction’ format.

The initial price will be very high and will drop gradually every hour, leaving a chance for lower bids to participate..that’s if the Whales have not already scooped everything up by buying the gold priced packs beforehand!

The game requires an account on Wax and Ethereum to ensure maximum compatibility between these two blockchains.
But this is not mandatory because it seems that especially the Wax blockchain is privileged as it will not be possible to exchange your Lands on Ethereum for the time being.


While it’s difficult to know in concrete terms what the future of Alien Worlds will become as the project is still in its presale stage, it does look like the game has already found its audience. Indeed, the first two pre-sales were very successful, both on Wax and Ethereum.

The project’s concept takes on what already works well in other projects and adds not just an overlay, but includes another blockchain compatible with Non-Fungible Tokens for what looks set to be a rich and diverse game.

The game’s economy will be able to accommodate different player profiles and investors, making the construction of this metaverse closer to the real complexity of a living world.

So this is a game to keep in mind because even if the dates are not indicated on their roadmap, the features that will arrive after the presales will be implemented quickly. Although it’s mainly the economic and development aspect of the Lands that is being emphasized for the moment, ultimately it will be the players who will have the central and deciding roles.

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