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Gold Rush Referral Program Extension Notice


Dear KuCoin Users,

Launched on May 25, 2020, the “Gold Rush” super referral program has brought in more than 1,100 gold hunters from over 75 countries and regions. More than $300,000 commissions and $80,000 hunter referral bonuses have been distributed throughout the program to reward gold hunters. (Check the Gold Rush official announcement here )

The “Gold Rush” was expected to end on November 25, 2020. However, based on the market performance of the “Gold Rush” program and the voices from gold hunters, KuCoin’s marketing team has decided to extend the duration of the program. New gold hunters will still be welcomed after November 25, 2020, with referral commissions being paid weekly.

Click to sign up as a Gold Hunter

Meanwhile, we are glad to release the ranking leaderboard throughout the Gold Rush

program (May 25, 2020 – November 25, 2020):

a.Referral Ranking Leaderboard

RankKuCoin AccountNumber of InviteesInvitee’s Trading Fee
No.1tok****ver@**.com241930211.2901 U
No.2144****691@**.com188422095.1989 U
No.3ken****ang@**.com120319330.7624 U
No.4chu***toy@**.cz78817108.0221 U
No.586-189****606051614591.3368 U
No.6tim****4cc@**.com105911685.8676 U

b.Hunters who were promoted as Prime Gold Hunters


Extra Rewards for those who are on the leaderboard above:

  1. KuCoin VIP account status upgrade
  2. Prime Gold Hunter Certificate Endorsement
  3. KuCoin Official Social Media Exposure Opportunities (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

We appreciate all the gold hunters’ support of KuCoin. For those who are rewarded, you will be contacted directly by your Gold Hunter assistant.

Best Regards,

The KuCoin Marketing Team

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