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Jeff Deist and Stephan Livera: Swan Signal Live E34


Jeff Deist, the Presi­dent of the Mises Insti­tute, and Stephan Livera, the host of the Stephan Livera Podcast, hold a fasci­nating discus­sion about Austrian Economics and Bitcoin. These are two of our gener­a­tion’s greatest Austrian economics thinkers and educa­tors.

We discuss the history of the Bretton Woods agree­ment, the IMF’s recent call for a new Bretton Woods agree­ment, the immorality of central banking, how national curren­cies increase inter­na­tional tensions, and the insid­ious rise of central bank digital curren­cies.

As always Brady Swenson, Swan’s Head of Educa­tion, hosts the lively discus­sion.

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