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New Membership Account Type: Project Owner


SatoExchange now supports the account type of Project Owners.
This account type enables us to know who is responsible for a listed coin/token on the exchange and comes with benefits as we will add more account features.

At the moment this account type is required to create a Staking/Investment Pool on SatoExchange.

More features will be added to this account type in the near future and those features will be listed here for full information.

How to become a Project Owner:

To apply for becoming and holding a project owner’s account on SatoExchange please send an email to the listing team at with the following details:

NOTE: Email must be sent from an email hosted on your project website domain name. Example: No @gmail or any random mail provider will be honored.

Your Name: 

Your Project Name: 

Your Coin/Token: 

Coin/Token Symbol: 

Project Website: 

Your Position in the Project Team: 

Your SatoExchange account email address: 

Your SatoExchange account username: 

Once this email has been sent, please await our response for further steps or activation.

Upon account type change, you will receive an email notifying you of your account type change and you will have the benefits of the Project Owners account going forward.

Thanks and Regards.

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