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“Now Hiring”: Buckin Buds Explores Career Potentials for Expansion 05AUG2020 23:43EST


Preparing for the harvest in the fall, and the adoption of crypto moving rapidly, Buckin Buds has begun to explore potential career positions to fill, in continuation of expanding the business model.
With a lot of pressure/tension-like environment in the communities enough as it is with the global pandemic, and community usual issues, this comes off as quite the surprise to see the announcement go out.

Speculators and investors are now beginning to contact and reach out on how to support the project and expansion. Some of the positions posted included medical trimmers, crypto traders, growers (in tiers), and consultants.
Seeing the list and deeper descriptions to the idea behind each role, Buckin Buds perseveres through the storm of negativity, after having to settle affiliate fall outs. The future just keeps looking greener and gold, the more the pace is pushed by Buckin Buds.

They have begun entering LinkedIn business parks to continue networking for valuation, price exploration, and possible investors and firm backings. This also, on the second hand, provides a strong promotion/advertisement to the company for those that did not know about them before.
More to come.

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