PLAY ROYAL — A Token-Based Incentivized Gaming Platform & Exchange


Play Royal is committed to building a vibrant and robust gaming platform for all cryptocurrencies and their users.

The core belief in everything we do is that the things we utilize blockchain technology for should be fun and rewarding for our users. We want people to come to our platform and have a wide variety of games to play and activities to participate in. Whether you want to gamble, play non-casino games, play with friends in multiplayer, simply mine RWD, or trade on Play Royal Exchange, we hope Play Royal has something to offer everyone!

The central aspects of the platform are gaming, mining, and trading. Users can play games with multiple tokens, mine RWD and either trade that on Play Royal Exchange, burn to get a share of the daily Reward Parties or hold for future use cases. Reward mining progresses through rounds and gets more difficult as time goes on. If the user chooses to burn their RWD, they receive a share of the daily reward pool, which is a collection of all mineable tokens on the platform automatically distributed to users based on their share of the total pool. Users holding RWD tokens get a share of 50% of the exchanges TRX profits, and PLAY holders get dividends of RWD daily for holding increments of a million PLAY in their wallet. Further use cases may be developed as the platform continues to grow and evolve. We are always looking for ways to further benefit our users.

The Exchange offers even more flexibility for Play Royal users. As a lightening fast, reliable and smooth exchange, we offer and unrivalled trading experience for multiple tokens. Play Royal Exchange will be expanded in the future to have cross-chain capability and support for hundreds of coins/tokens and will continue to develop exciting and innovative events.

We expand on some areas of the platform below:


  • This is the primary token that runs through the entire platform.
  • PLAY has the best mining rate out of all the mining tokens.
  • Total supply is 10 billion.
  • Circulating supply is 6 billion of which 1 billion is currently to bankroll the casino. The circulating bankroll will be bought back and replaced with our new bankroll program.
  • 4 billion are locked until 2021, after which they will be used strategically to enhance the PLAY ROYAL ecosystem.
  • Some of house profits will be used to periodically buy back and burn PLAY.


  • REWARD (RWD) tokens are earned by playing games with PLAY, TRX, BTT, and other tokens.
  • Total supply is 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) tokens, with 80% distributed as part of the mining and airdrop system.
  • The remaining 20% of RWD is used for special events such as leaderboard competitions, marketing and promotional partnerships.
  • RWD is also airdropped to everyone who has at least 1 million PLAY tokens deposited in their site wallet and scales up in increments of 1 million.
  • For every 0.6 RWD mined, 0.6 RWD goes to the player. The player gets 100% of the RWD that they mine. An extra 0.05 RWD is mined to the house and an extra 0.15 RWD is mined to the airdrop pool.
  • You can burn RWD for a share of the Reward Party dividend pool and other on-platform items.
  • 50% of the TRX profits from Play Royal Exchange will be distributed weekly to all RWD holders in proportion to their share of deposited RWD tokens with no minimum or maximum needed to qualify.

Buying Tokens


  • “Mining” is the term for playing the games with PLAY, TRX, BTT and other tokens to earn RWD tokens.
  • As more RWD is mined the difficulty increases with a total of 250 levels of difficulty.
  • Mining difficulty is scaled up for all connected tokens at once. Mining efficiency is adjusted based on price changes before the start of a new Reward Party. ‘Mining boosts’ may be applied to tokens at our discretion.


  • 15% of all mined RWD are put into a pool for dividends to people who hold PLAY.
  • Dividends are based on deposited increments of 1,000,000 PLAY.
  • The PLAY must be deposited onto the platform in order to be eligible for dividends.
  • Dividends are distributed from the pool daily.

Reward Party

  • 65% of the house profits of the main tokens (BTC, ETH, TRX, USDT, and PLAY) make up the prize pool for the Reward Party
  • Burn RWD tokens to gain a proportional share of the prize pool.
  • Each RWD Party begins and ends every 24 hours with shares proportionally distributed.
  • All RWD used to get a share of Reward Parties is permanently burned.
  • There is a 25% bonus for RWD burned for the first 12 hours and 10% bonus for the following 8 hours, with the final 4 hours burning at a flat rate in the daily Reward Parties

Developer Platform

  • Play Royal will provide a platform for developers to build and integrate their games into the Play Royal ecosystem.
  • Our gaming license can be extended to provide legal protections to projects that have been approved by the Play Royal team to join the platform.
  • Play Royal will provide a set of tools and APIs for developers to interact with various site features including cross-chain token use, token and tokenized asset trading on the Play Royal Exchange, account system, mining system, social system and more.
  • New projects can quickly gain a large player-base through promotion from Play Royal.

Mining Table

  • Currently our mining rate difficulty increases by 3 TRX per level. In the very near future we will be adding ETH followed by other major currencies. Our new mining table based on USD will be released in conjunction with this integrations.





Cryptonewsnet will start listing process on july 2nd!