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SASHIMI is now listed on Vinex


Dear Vinex community,

We are happy to announce that SASHIMI has been listed on Vinex Network!

Here is the trading pair: SASHIMI/USDT, SASHIMI/ETH

About SASHIMI and SashimiSwap

SashimiSwap is a new SushiSwap project developed by aelf. Like other types of swap products, it adopts the model of automatic market maker(AMM). However, SashimiSwap is not a fork of Sushiswap, thus the two do not share liquidity. Once launched, anyone can participate in staking and mining on SashimiSwap! As an “upgraded & simplified SUSHI”, SashimiSwap is very easy to get started with and offers a smooth mining experience and high yield.

SashimiSwap gives liquidity providers on UniSwap an opportunity to earn SASHIMI tokens. UniSwap’s liquidity providers can stake some of their LP tokens and start earning SASHIMI tokens at block height 10,833,000 (around 10:00 am on September 10, SGT). We use the same token allocation mechanism as Sushi, with a 10x bonus (end height 10,933,000) for the first 100,000 blocks, which means we’ll release 1,000 SASHIMI tokens in each of the first 100,000 blocks. After 100,000 blocks, each block will release 100 SASHIMI tokens.

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