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Automate charitable donations using Mobie rewards 🙏 📲

Cameron JamesSep 27, 2019 · 5 min read

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Charitable giving has been in a slow decline over many years with people becoming less and less likely to donate their money to non-profit organizations. This apathetic trend appeared as the global need for funding increased substantially. The only bright spot on the horizon has been the rise of donations online in the U.S, UK & Canada. Mobie is working to accelerate this form of charitable given by allowing users the ability to set Frictionless, Easy-Give auto-donations for selected charities through the Mobie App.

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The CAF World Giving Index

Global Charitable Behavior Trends

While the title of this article may suggest a decline in charitable behavior, according to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), people are actually spending more of their spare time supporting and helping charitable causes. While this is a positive sign, the proportion of people donating money has declined in 2018 for the second year in a row. Although charities very much appreciate time and support, there are resources they require which cannot be exchanged for anything other than money.

Despite the fact that worldwide the amount of money donated has remained relatively stable (due to an increase in donations by companies, wealthy philanthropists and foundations), charities feel at risk because they are relying on fewer and fewer individual donors for support. This leaves many non-profit exposed to economics factors such as corporate pivots or industry collapses.

In 2017 the CAF reported that donations from the top 20 developed countries had declined but was showing weak signs of recovery in 2018. It may surprise you to know that Indonesia tops the world ranking for most charitable with a reported 78% of people donating to charity.

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An additional concern for charities is that a typically strong demographic for donating across the globe, the older 60+ generation, has seen a decline in monetary donations for another year. As that generation ages, there is an increasing need to expand support to younger individuals who can carry on a legacy of philanthropy.

Charitable Habits in the US

In 2018, for the second year in a row, charitable giving by individuals in the US fell. This decline of donating by individuals comes after a new tax law in 2018 reduced the tax incentives of donating for many households. Pre-new tax law, 45 million homeowners itemized their tax deductions including donations to charity. With the new law coming into play this number has fallen to approximately 16 to 20 million households; this reduced the number of households donating to charity by more than half.

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Like the rest of the world, this reduction in household donations has been supplemented by donations provided by super-wealthy individuals, foundations, and corporations.

What would get more Americans to give to charity? When asked in the CAF survey, participants responded: “having more spare money” themselves would be the reason they’d be capable of increasing their charitable giving. Americans remain actively involved in charitable behavior which provides evidence that people across the US still care, they just lack funds or incentives to give financially.

The Solution?

Following their findings in the 2018 annual analysis of charitable behavior,the CAF wrote that maintaining sufficient levels of donations (sufficient meaning it allows charities to effectively carry out their work) requires simple methods of donating money to charity. Mobie is actively supporting the upward trend of donating to charity via online methods through the Mobie app and its global community.

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How Mobie will help

With Mobie, our unique staking protocol rewards you with Cashback and/or Mobiecoin (MBX) every time you make a purchase. You also earn extra recurring rewards through friends and family referred to Mobie or by sharing selected data with the Mobie platform. While these rewards could be kept for yourself (or sent to friends and family in need), you can allocate payouts to be easily sent to participating charities.

No hassle, no checks, and no cash, just simple online payments paid with your Mobie rewards completed via round-ups, single donations or recurring donations.

Why this will make a difference?

Because Mobie has such low-fees and a lucrative rewards structure, people will be saving and earning more cash by switching their existing money management habits over to Mobie. This provides the opportunity to earn additional income to support charitable giving.

Simply by providing the opportunity to donate little and often through round-ups or reoccurring donations, Mobie gives users a simple way to directly make a difference.

The CAF gives five great reasons why charitable giving is good for everyone:

  1. Giving to charity makes you feel good.
  2. Giving to charity strengthens personal values.
  3. Giving is more impactful than ever.
  4. Giving to charity introduces your children to the importance of generosity.
  5. Giving to charity encourages friends and family to do the same.
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Mobie is committed to increasing the amount of money donated while allowing charities to diversify their funding streams. We know that if we are successful, our community of users will be providing the financial security these organizations need to fulfill their mission.

Give Mobie Foundation 😇

Here at Mobie, we’re fully aware that the onus on giving shouldn’t be on our community alone. We also have to lead by example.

As part of our social responsibility initiative, we’re building the ‘Give Mobie Foundation’, a blockchain-based infrastructure where people can transparently see exactly where their money goes. We’ll be constantly adding to this fund ourselves, helping partnered charities around the globe make a difference.

We’re dedicated to building a sharing economy by providing the means for people to give back easily. This is an integral part of the benefits of the Mobie platform, and the rewards programs we put in place.

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