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The Ball Keeps Rolling: Buckin Buds Announces Affiliation with Charlie Shrem 06AUG2020 23:54EST


After entering price exploration & valuation, Buckin Buds keeps the shots coming by announcing a friendly introduction to the partnership with Bitcoin advocate, Charlie Shrem.
Charlie has been part of the Bitcoin game since it started. With creativity and innovation as his strong points, he has been able to open eyes to what crypto can do, in such short time.
Shrem brings fellow crypto-advocates and disruptors of the financial industry onto his Podcast, Untold Stories. With many names, recognizable and new, entering the crypto space this is certainly demonstrating a degree of hype that is not talked about enough.
Once the waves are here, that is when they will talk about it. Buckin Buds continues to ball with the crypto and cannabis spaces, intertwining them into a harmonic ecosystem.
This ecosystem allows supply-chain transparency, quicker access to cash flow and liquidity, payment solutions, and a lot more.
Be sure to tune into Charlie’s podcasts regularly, as the crypto space is rapidly changing to its adhering environment.

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