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The Exciting GemBites Sold Round 1 Tokensale in 4 Days only!


Gambling industry is slowly but surely invading the crypto space. The inherent anonymity in cryptos helps break regional barriers and funding limitations. Online gambling is approximately half a trillion-dollar industry today. Ventures like Bitcasino have pioneered the gambling induction into crypto space. They were also the first crypto casino to bring games from the top gaming providers like Microgaming. One of the latest yet most promising players in the gambling-crypto crossover is GemBites. They accept funding via BTC, ETH, Ripple and LTC. They also intend to extend the online gambling experience to smaller screens (smartphones and smartwatches) and VR mediums. You can enjoy top-quality crypto casino experience on the go as well as from the comfort of your couch.

Story behind GemBites

Arthur aka CryptoHuff is the man behind GemBites project. He has been dealing in the cryptos since 2013 and has been into every niche possible in the crypto space. The list includes mining, lending, swapping, investing, trading, marketing, fuddling, shilling and you name it. Through his wondrous journey, CryptoHuff connected with amazing people from multiple sectors – programmers, developers, designers, marketers and investors. He made deals with them on coin projects, trading exchanges, mining rigs and ad projects. He brought together some of these terrific people as a team to develop his own crypto gambling project, GemBites. Owing to his extended experience in working with the team members, Arthur is confident about the project. With the launch underway, it’s time to roll!

Quality of Gaming

The quality of gaming on the website is just awesome. For a little demo, you can try out the ‘Lucky Shot’ game on the homepage. That is the only game made available during the pre-launch phase. The game animations work at blitzing speeds on a really convenient backdrop. The transitions cannot be any smoother on the web. The theme and controls feel really good for a luck-based game. It brings 80’s/90’s nostalgia along the lines of battleships and other retro games.

Games and Products

Some of the classic games will be imported to the platform right after launch. There will be different variations of the dice roll games. You will also have the classic card games like blackjack. For some more variety, there will be titles like Zombie Standoff, GemBites, Battleships, etc. In addition, there will be inventory and marketplace where players can store items earned from multiple games. Through Mobile Market, players can download gambling games as apps for mobiles.

Successful Token Sale Continues

For the sake of continuous project development, GemBites conducts token sale in rounds. The first round is already done with and proved to be a runaway hit. Its immense success is attributed to the meager pricing of GBTS tokens at just $0.0025 each. The marketing done by crypto and blockchain influences on Youtube as well as twitter played a big role as well. In round 2, each GBTS token will be priced at $0.005, which is twice the price in round 1. Understandably, the price per token will increase with successive rounds. So get ready to participate in upcoming rounds because the quicker you get in the cheaper GBTS tokens you will get.

Website https://gembites.com/

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