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What Exactly is DIA Data?


What is DIA data?

The decentralized crypto transactions are verifiable by just about any user in the corresponding platforms. Most of the verifications are available at a user to user level. There are not many options to generate a larger chunk of data for analysis. Here is where services like DIA data comes to the rescue. They aggregate data collected regarding digital and traditional platforms. It is perfect for big data analysis, R&D and more. DIA data benefits financial institutions and developers alike. They are the one-stop shop for getting verified and transparent market data regarding digital and traditional assets.

Benefits for Institutes and Corporate Sector

DIA provides authentic, unchangeable data to financial institutions. Corporates can now enjoy the luxury of a verified single source for financial market data for digital as well as traditional assets. DIA provides financial data for any asset type and market. It is EU-BMR compliant for smooth use from EU based establishments. All of the data undergoes blockchain-enabled audit trial. In addition, they are self-indexed and priced aggressively. For any asset class, you have API/data-lake from DIA. It is what makes DIA, the data source of choice for top institutions and the numerous corporate partners.

Benefits for Developers and DeFi Community

Not only financial institutions, developers too benefit from DIA data. Additionally, it puts the rapidly growing DeFi community at top spot. Data is power, absolute power in the information age. It helps bridge the unforeseen gaps in the crypto era. Developers can develop DAPPs on top of DIA open source database. Moreover, they can source data and get incentivized. DIA gives an opportunity for developers to build an open-access financial future. Being open-source, DIA data is prone to usage violations amidst the neck throat competition. Fair usage policies are in place to ensure the data is not exploited.

What DIA intends to do?

DIA presents an ecosystem for open financial data in platform. It is a financial smart contract ecosystem that brings developers, companies and data together. The intent is to bring data analysts, data users and data providers together. It provides a bridge between off-chain data and on-chain smart contracts. The former comes from various sources and is aggregated as one single source. The latter is used to build a range of DAPPs. DIA data acts as a reliable and verifiable bridge effectively. The immutable data alone is what you can trust in these volatile market conditions.

Get DIA Tokens

The accepted currencies in DIA token sale is ETH, DAI and USDC. To use ETH, you need to convert it to Wrapped ETH (WETH) in the DIA interface. With just a click, you can wrap or unwrap your ETH assets. To avoid scammers, reach out to the admins in Telegram group for DIA. Firstly, set up your wallet and load sufficient ETH, DAI or USDC in it. Secondly, exchange ETH for WETH before continuing for purchase. Thirdly, place an order in the ‘Trade’ tab specifying the number of tokens you wish to purchase and the price you wish to pay per token. It was initially available for 5 cents per DIA but at the moment price is nearing $3 so the price has already grown over 50x which already indicates the high demand and success of the project.

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