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What is NewsToken?


CryptoNewsNet- creating truly decentralized news

Website- Homepage

Crypto News- CryptoNews

NewsToken- NewsToken Page

What is the network?

CryptoNewsNet is here to fill the void in decentralized media were the centralized news outlets dominate the industry. Being decentralized means that everyone gets access to posting on the news site with no limitations to how much you post. We have a great team that will review the articles and will post them to the site when approved. Crypto stories that get posted can range from a unique experience to a new project nobody has heard. Being in the network is the ultimate in posting experience you can have. It is like you have entered the big leagues and can share your content with them. We have a wide range of partners from coins, businesses, and YouTubers that make CryptoNewsNet possible. Being directly connected to many of the top projects gives us direct access to news content before anyone else out there and you guys get first access. We welcome partners of a wide variety and can help promote it through the network. Remember when we post a story it is not only seen on our community but everyone else connected to the network.

What are the specifications of news token?

1.Erc20 token

2. Total supply- 899,999,988,998.998999 Afterburn- 3,729,237,083

3. Contract address- 0x130Da3E198f092Fe2a6e6c21893dc77746d7e406

4. Decimals- 8

What does NewsToken offer?

NewsToken is a reward token that is given to writers, YouTubers, podcasters, and more who share content on the site. We strive to bring quality content to the platform and unlike anyone else we do not make you pay to post we reward you. Each week a group of admins searches through the newest content submitted and pick the top 3. This creates a fun and fair experience because everyone can post and earn.

How does NewsToken Casino work?

Another unique platform we are creating for the token will be an online casino that will feature NewsToken as a primary currency. The first game coming to the platform will be a really fun dice game. We only are starting with one game at launch but plan to release many more in the future as the project grows. NewsToken will have some direct pairs on uniswap that will allow traders of a certain coin to trade to news token. Having these direct trading pairs will allow for easy liquidity when people want to cash out from NewsToken. News casino is still being developed but we really hope to be able to bring it to you very soon.

Who makes up the team?

We have a wide range of team members that make Cryptonewsnet possible.

  1. Joe Zurawski- CEO
  2. Al jhon- Team Lead
  3. Dapp Centre- Chief of Marketing
  4. Danny | Crypto Revolution- Community Manager

Not only do we have great team members, but we also have projects that are advisories. They are really helping in creating the community and atmosphere that makes up Cryptonewsnet.

  1. Motacoin
  2. Potcoin
  3. GoldenRation Token
  4. Hydro
  5. Streamix

How are NewsTokens being distributed?

We have many more projects coming soon and cannot wait to share them with you.

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